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Once upon a time I got inspired to add RSS feed to this site. I updated the RSS script manually. Then I got bored of updating it, found an online service and just wrote my last RSS update that linked ...


Speccy, Vol 11: QuizTron 48000

This post is from Sol.

Another speccy thing already? Well... yes. I wrote the "Rotten Egg Mines" a while ago, but wasn't sure if the competition rules allowed me to talk about it or to give the .tap file away, so the blog p...


Speccy, Vol 10: Rotten Egg Mines

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I talked about making games for the speccy on IRC with some people who were not familiar with the device, and someone tried to think of a game that would use all the keys on the speccy keyboard. I fee...


CARL 1.1 is out!

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Check out the new features at the product home page: CARL

Also, on the App Store and KVR Audio



Speccy, Vol 9: Attack of the RGBobots

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It's Ludum Dare time again, and I figured I might write a game for the zx spectrum (again) for the heck of it. After waking up, I checked the theme which was "Shapeshift". I thought of several ideas ...


Advent Rising and the Waste of Potential

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I finished my Steam backlog some time ago. Like many people, I had managed to generate quite large backlog of games I didn't play when I acquired them, thanks to various bundles out there. Most of the...


CARL 1.1 soon out

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The next major release of CARL is soon out. Just a sneak peek:


Finally, going back to the roots of chip tune, CARL introduces simultaneous editing in tracker / piano roll style. All changes are immediate and recorded / drawn notes from piano roll are cleverly mapped to a traditional tracker style!

Other really cool stuff:

  • Dynamic tracker view resolution changes
  • Multi-note arpeggios (no 0xx effects needed)
  • Note end instructions
  • Pattern loop editing
  • Cool new play controls’ design
  • Improved Quantization
  • Save on exit dialog

Out: soon!



Xenyx Noise Fix v1

This post is from Sol.

So the problem appears to be the USB ground, causing the Xenyx to boost the noise in the ground signal into the output audio signal. I figured that a reasonable workaround for the time being is to sto...


Xenyx Noise

This post is from Sol.

Some time ago on this blog I posted about a cheap hardware hack I used to enable several audio inputs. That was, in the long run, a rather bad solution, so I went and bought a cheap hardware mixer wit...


Speccy, Vol 8: The 128k

This post is from Sol.

If you've been reading these blog posts you may remember that I ordered a 128k speccy (a grey +2 to be precise) off eBay long ago. It arrived, was very well packaged and was in precisely the shape it ...